Masterminded by Andreas Nawawi and Redjianto Setiadi, PT. Marko Delapan Indonesia (“Delapina” or “the Company”) was incorporated in 2011 as a legal platform for the real-estate marketing system that the two had formed and refined through their twenty-five and counting years of vast experience as real-estate marketers for some of the top real-estate developer companies in Indonesia. Through their tenures in the real-estate industry, both have cultivated numerous relationships and earned the trust of individual customers, vendors and developers.

Headed by Audi Hambali, a seasoned real-estate broker from Melbourne, Australia, the Company began to mark its strike as marketer for some of the newest commercial and residential properties surrounding Jakarta. Today the Company has been involved and entrusted in various projects ranging from property clusters, apartments/condominiums, condotels and other various residential and commercial properties from the far west Indonesia (Padang) all the way through Cikarang, Karawaci, Kemayoran, Sentul, Serpong, Bintaro, Bogor, Bali and so forth. The success of their marketing system is owed to the fundamental principles of respect, positive mindset and integrity which have become a rare commodity in the society today. They believe in planting the right seeds on the right soil in order to harvest greater crops. As a result, they have turned what seemed to be an impossible project into the most wanted place to live and/or the most fruitful investment on the area.


To work with courage, conviction and the right mindset to bring greater values that positively impacting all stakeholders and the general societies as a whole by ways of gradual as well as direct.

We strive harder for a better future, through integrity, stewardship and respect.


  1. Creating values to stakeholders and the communities by developing the right products and people.
  2. Building and bridging mutual relationships between stakeholders that create a positive synergy to the network.
  3. Recruiting the right people as well as leading them by example.


Andreas Nawawi

President Commissioner

Known by many as a visionary and charismatic leader who lead by example and inspired many with his motivational concepts and principles. He built his extensive network through the thousands of realestate agents and brokers that he mentored through his tenure at top real-estate development companies.

Respected by many corporate leaders within and outside the real-estate industry, yet, his approach towards others is still very much characterized by his sincerity, meekness and humble attitudes. He formed his extensive network and reputation for over 30 years in the real-estate industry. Previous key positions held include President Director of PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk. and Vice President Commissioner of PT Sentul City Tbk to name a few.

Redjianto Setiadi


Born and raised in Jakarta, he ventured through numerous top real-estate development companies and built his wide and extensive network through the thousands of real-estate agents that he co-mentored with Andreas Nawawi. His positive attitude towards life and ability to thrive under pressure have built him to be a great communicator to various level of positions ranging from managerial to executive levels in the real-estate industry. His approach is practical and his strategy is people focused. Previous key positions held include Sales Director of PT Sentul City Tbk, Marketing Director of PT. Serpong Kaya Cemerlang and many other key positions during his tenure at PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk.

Audi Hambali

Managing Director

Born in Bandung and spent most of his youth in Melbourne, Australia. He graduated from Monash University, Melbourne, and gradually built his career and portfolio as one of the most reputable property consultant. Several brokerage where he was licensed included Vantage Point Realty and Brian Mark Real Estate to name a few. His mentality to thrive under pressure and focus on doing the right thing have turned this young man to be entrusted by many of his seniors and co-workers to handle large accounts and responsibilities. He loves meeting new people and possess the ability to connect and be relevant to the person he talked to. His main aspiration is to be a great leader and influencer by serving others.

Abraham Nawawi

Project and Business Development Director

After graduating from University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2009, he continued his career as financial consultant and auditor at Davidson & Company and obtained his CPA in 2012. He sharpened his ability to control and manage projects during his tenure as financial controllers for various mining companies listed in TSX-V, and continued during his role as project manager for global digital marketing operation of Blast Radius. As he returned to Indonesia, his passion in delivering successful projects began to be directed towards multiple real-estate and business projects owned by Paramount Enterprise Group. He is passionate in digital marketing and an avid believer that marketing for real-estate should be digitalized, tipping the balance off traditional marketing methods.

Debora Hutapea

Operational and Finance Director

A creative and innovative architect, she began her career at DP Architect, Singapore and continued to build her portfolio in Indonesia as well as Australia. She is detail-oriented and has the knack for numbers and effective designs. She gained her Master Degree in Professional Accounting from RMIT University, Melbourne.